Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No, they are not running from that huge wave behind them. It was the seaweed that was attacking their ankles

they obviously don't do the boogy board thing very often
doing a little shell trading on the corner
here is the same baby pool I swam in when I didn't worry about walking around in a swimsuit

miss my grandpa and all our memories we had with him at the beach club, really wish he was still here.


something good said...

my beach club memories are the sweetest of me childhood. Our sweet Irish grandpa is smiling down on your adorable beach clan.

tammyswilliams said...

love it and makes me want to go there! almost cried thinking of Grandpa! the memories live on :)

Lori said...

so cute! I sure miss you guys, I have hardly made it to the pool this summer because I don't have anyone to hang out with over there.

Christy Ivory said...

I love your pictures Zana!!...:) The colors are beautiful. Very light and beachy... Hope all is well..

JJW said...

I'm way to busy to be looking over your blog at work, but I had to add an "amen" to your comment about Gramps, San Diego has never and will never be the same without his larger than life personality. Dave H. is all we get and he's a distant second (compliment).