Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Magic School Bus

A week or two ago Amelia was invited by our coolest, sweetest bus driver, Jean,to ride to school with her sisters & then brought her right back home.




so her baby brother patiently waited


and waited some more


until he saw what he was waiting for


It was the funnest 7 minutes of her day!


Tait said...

Ohhh she is a big girl..that is how I felt the first time Dorian got on his bus. He was 3 and he danced around..He loved it.

tammyswilliams said...

oh my heck i wanted to go in the magic school bus! but i thought it would be scary and i would go off to outer space and and and... that was fun, way to go Amelia!

something good said...

So missed!

SO cute.

Christy Ivory said...

So sweet.....My Dan would have loved that.:) What sweet girls you have...

michelle said...

What the...

Where in the heck do you live Zanna?! The Garden of all that is Beautiful and Home of Magical and Kindly School Bus Drivers?!

Seriously, what the ?@)*#!

Vern said...

Hey! I'm glad your sister told you to visit my blog! Do I know your sister? I am wetting my pants over the picture of that pacifier, by the way. Where did you get that? I want to buy 17 of them for all the baby showers I get invited to over the next few years.