Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deep thoughts...

Sometimes it's just easier looking up at the rainbows
rather than looking down to notice all the dirt & crap that needs to be cleaned up.
it's not often you capture a toilet & a rainbow together, the old toilet is longer a part of our lives...our neighbors will miss the classy look.


Tait said...

That puts a whole new meaning to outdoor latrine.

Lori said...

I really could have used that the other night!

something good said...

ada girl...puttin your own pot at the end of the raindow!

tammyswilliams said...

jody that was a good comment i don't think i can top that one.."when life hands you _____
look for a rainbow!" i tried but jody's was still better :)

michelle said...

Zanna, you actually made me feel a little better about the saggy trampoline, thrift store weight set and dog house (we haven't owned a dog since 2002) that, through no plan of my own, have become a permanant part of my backyard.
Jody. That was hands-down the greatest comment I have ever read.
Now tell Debbie her time is up already and call me.