Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break has come and gone...

Our weather was so great that it actually required shade for laying out...that would be my fashionable daughter on the right (2 skirts are always better than one)
Somedays we played with the neighbors

Somedays we played with friends

Somedays we played with just sisters

& every night they were always so excited to have a sleepover on the couch

In the shadows of the yard, these 3 sisters discussed plans (I'm not sure what kind of plans but it kept them busy for a few hours)

Nearing the end of the week it was Friday night movie & ice cream

Then Saturday rolls along & with Dad off work we decide that we should do something to top off the really cheap spring break week so we decide on going to the Zoo (which is also free here in St. Louis unless you get a parking ticket for expired tabs-I'm not surprised I haven't taken the time to check out our plates but they expired last year around August!)

Here is the beloved 'meow' all strapped in and ready to go

Out of all the big & amazing animals at the zoo, we loved staring at the frogs the most. Well the swimming Hippos are at the top of our list is amazing how graceful they can look while in the water.

Had to hug this frog...a lot.

Skip the family photo of us standing in front of the elephants...let's focus on the pool that should be in my backyard one day...a lovely beachfront entry then swim under the waterfall to get to the cave & then come down the smooth rock just relax in the sun-ahhh

now wake up b/c your kids are whining at you to go & get some cotton candy!

this is their first time trying it & only 2 out 4 girls liked it
Tessa said it tasted like hair but that it was fine once it melted...Summer couldn't get past the part that it tasted like hair:)

All in all we're glad we took it nice & easy b/c it really did give us time to stop & smell the flowers

(but next year I'm praying for horrible weather so that we are forced to go on a Disney cruise, you wanna join us?)


tammyswilliams said...

That was fun!! A lot better than my kids spring break! They only got to fly a kite once and then it broke and I said forget it Im not dealing with it.. so go to your dads! and that was that :)Your Disney Cruise awaits you and yes I will join you!

something good said...

THAT SOUNDED LIKE THE BEST SPRING BREAK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love how liza wants to be so fashionable like me.Like how she wore those glasses,and how she wore a really cute costumes.And i love how creative Summer,and Tessa are with there outfits.And just for the record, what ever trip you go on i I'am for sure coming. LOVE YOU, FROM:BRYN