Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girly heaven!

We got a special delivery monday night & I'm so glad I answered the door b/c we recieved the gift of entertainment for hours on end...these costumes came from her daughters dance class so they will take some growing into but these girls don't care b/c they felt so girlie while they ran around in circles

feeling oh so pretty
(notice Tessa's feet are barely touching the floor)

Amelia even tried to keep up with the fun

Eliza was excited to come home from school every day last week, just to do this...
Life is so simple in their girlie world.
(unless it's a Sunday morning & they can't find the right pair of shoes to wear)


something good said...

Oh boy I'm the first, gotta love the time difference-makes me feel artifically on the ball!

Speaking of my girls-
My oh my, such grace, such beauty, they must have inherited this from me! Hee hee!

carrie said...

I love how girls can just run around dancing forever, especially if they are dressed up all pretty.

Anonymous said...

okay Im a little surprised that Liza had no problem showing her shoulders since she's always reminding it. i have this image in my head of us sisters doing that right now and all I can say is we would not look adorable like they do- in fact, it would be quite scary!

MissMeliss said...

What grace and charm...they must of gotten it from they lovely mother. It is amazing to see the similarities between yourself and your daughters. Our daughters would have a blast dancing together. It is common practice around here. Everytime I turn the music on in the kitchen they run and get there princess dresses on and dance around the kitchen. Good times I'm telling you.