Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remember their favorite?

Every morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon or anytime there is a moment of silence she asks for 'bill bear' you know...our beloved Little Bear

She likes to get up close & personal

Life is really good if you get a lollipop while watching thee favorite show of all time or at least the favorite show of her time!

We are happy & have no complaints during this half hour of pure bliss...

We can only smile for the camera once b/c she might miss something from the pre-recorded episode she has already seen twice today

'just let me curl my toes & swing my little legs & I promise I won't trouble you for much mom'

Life really is quite simple & happy when little bear is around
(every time I catch a minute of the show I swear mother bear is always making
a chocolate cake, maybe that's her secret to why she's always so patient with that little
bear...she's always in a sugar comatose!)


carrie said...

What a nice mom! My children never watch TV or eat candy. HaHaHa Amelia looks so content, without a care in the world ahh childhood.

foda's food said...

At our house it was called 'Yeal Bear' and it was the only show the didn't get on my nerves! But that was years ago and the kids are grown and in college. Well, that's how it feels-and I don't like it!!!

tammyswilliams said...

Im totally with you Foda! Except my kids have kids now (okay my step kids) Amelia has the life and doesn't even know it and she'll never remember one darn good thing she learned from Bear b/c Ashlin is proof that no matter how much tv you watch as a child it does not stick with you until you are 9 years old then it really teaches you how to be a brat(disney) or funny(nickalodean)