Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally...a snow day

School cancelled the night before b/c they were worried about this white stuff, well we only got an inch & a half so the girls finally get to do this...
at the top of our HUGE hill they sat ready...waiting for their leader to take off!
but nothing.

because their leader had never been sledding before & she thought the string attached would control all steering & the gas to go...but no

soon enough she caught on & was ready to instruct everyone else that might be clueless as well.

then the neighbors heard their was fun to be had so they joined in

and Liza's friend Brynn heard she was a pro sledder so she got to come over & join the screaming cold fun

the next day we got a real snow fall so they continued playing well into the night just in case it all melts tomorrow!

(by the way I did do some pro sledding myself & it was fun until I got cold)

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foda's food said...

What a crack up! The one of liza trying to steer...CLASSIC! Is her mama from California or what!!