Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Grandma Bowen comes to town...

we warm her up to a nice fire

before sending her out on a freeeeeezing Sunday morning

then she gives all her attention to the kids (yes, that's why James is in the picture)

and wonders how a train going in a circle can keep them entertained for so long

she's there to do homework (and even as a retired teacher she agrees that directions given on a homework sheet are always more complicated than the homework itself!)

but of course their favorite activity when Grandma comes to town... decorating cookies!

she's not even done with her visit & she passed out while Summer pretended to read a book.

(we have a tendency to do that to our guests...Grandpa Bowen knows all about that...right Bruce?)

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carrie said...

It seems like the girls had a great visit with grandma. Such fun! I scrolled down a little too far and saw the beautiful rolls, it makes me want to make some. I think I'm going to do that right now :) I'll bring some by later if they turn out.