Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Memories

Here are the memories of our Christmas Eve that went by way too fastAmelia loves the love that Aunt Jody gives
and she loved playing with Garrett every minute that she was awake!

the girls thought Garrett was amazing in everything he could do...even peeling a pomegranate

Dinner was amazingly deelicious (b/c Jody made it & I helped)

The cheese ball got a lot of attention, Jody posed b/c she thought this picture might qualify for the cover of America's Test Kitchen magazine...we'll see.

We began our Christmas Eve by following a program that Director Bryn Harrell printed out for us (she practiced with the girls every day for a week!)

Everyone took their part very seriously...

Our little wise man

the angel with her star

okay, so maybe not too serious

It was a success

then we had the polar express song sung by Bryn & Summer (it made me cry b/c Bryn spent so much time teaching Summer, it was too cute)

next on her schedule was red light, green light. Then a little white elephant exchange (it was pretty extreme...itunes gift card or toilet paper...Dave won!)

Christmas morning comes so fast!!!

Amelia was trying to figure out how she was going to get to that tricycle

and she found a little help from her cousin of course.

lots of unwrapping, lots

this is why we are so sad that Christmas day came so fast...

we had to give out lots of hugs, kisses and squeezes before they rolled out of town

when they were gone, truly gone, the truth finally settled in that they weren't coming right back...

we all put our head in our hands & stared at the wall.


tammyswilliams said...

okay that was just a great review of christmas! very fun and I love the ending pic.

Julie said...

How fun to have your sister for Christmas. I totally remember going to visit her at Y mount. And Garret was just a little baby! Now he is all grown up. Where does the time go? Happy New Year!

Christy Ivory said...

This is so cute!!! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas... So sad to see the family go.. Your kids are so adorable. I love seeing the pictures of your family. Hope all is well...Hope you guys have a great New Year...

♥Maren said...

What a great post! It looks like you had SO much fun! I am so sad that I missed meeting Jody... AGAIN! Happy New Year Year!

Kim said...

Zana!!!!! It's your long lost sister Kim! I finally found my Jody, hiding in your blog. Did she make it safe and sound to her new home yet? She sent your blog to me a few months ago and I can't get over how incredibly adorable your girls are and what a beautiful mom you are. You are so blessed! It's so fun to catch up on Wirth Family news through your photos.
xoxo Kim

foda's food said...

I'm BACK online! We just got HOOKED UP last night! Now I'm back anxiously awaiting another one of your aborable posts! Has anyone told you lately that you're one ROCKIN mom- well you are!

By the way Christmas was duh BOMB! Thanks for everything! Can you tell my lingo is becoming more eastern?