Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 weeks old

 our bald little guy sometimes reminds me of daddy warbucks, without the cash of course. For the past few weeks he's been a happy sweet baby & I'm so grateful b/c the first two months were long and sleepless...may have something to do with a dairy/soy sensitivity.

 His cheeks are a firm chubby, & at times his double chin can make him look like Jiminy Cricket
He smiles whenever you talk to him
He likes to make lots of bubbles on his mouth and Tessa refers to this as 'boiling'
He cannot hang out on a blanket on the floor b/c Thomas instantly wants to lay on him like he does with his sisters (we call him Thomas the tank for good reason)
We are so grateful for this little big blessing to be in our lives and complete our family.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Lovely days of May

 I wish my secretary could pull out the picture from 6 or 7 years ago to compare when Liza, Summer, & Tessa were just chubby little toddlers running around this slide

Let's just say that the first 2 months of his life will be a blur b/c of tiredness but here he is showing huge improvement in his sleeping habits

 The girls have a rule that only during the time that Thomas naps can they plan their own american girl tea party

 thomas has his own rules to live by too...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jody came to save visit us and guess what she labeled me as...
The nerve, the audacity, so harsh but so
pictures of my laundry room before she even arrived, I took these shots so I would motivate myself to work for the 'after' shot of an empty room-clothes washed & put away

in the picture below please notice the bins in the background  (she is also cleaning up baby boy at the same time while lecturing me)

 Little did I know that Jody would instead have me give them all away rather than waste my time in the laundry room.
 We gave away about 12 large, very full bags of clothes & shoes. She's tough I tell you. She wouldn't put up with any whining, whimpering, justification or pouting. No longer could I hold on to items that Amelia would grow into b/c no girl needs 3 of the same dresses & she would not allow me to hold onto any pants with the knees too worn (Summer hid her favorite jeans that had two big holes in the knees) I believe Summer & Tessa play on their knees during recess. She also would not let me hold on to any ugly t-shirts no matter what name brand they were. A friend with 2 girls was very happy to fill 2 trash bags of treasures & Goodwill got the rest. It was tough. It was real. It was tiring. But I hope to one day be a recovered clothes hoarder. 
 She did reward me with my favorite cookies
 and thee best chocolate cake ever...really, I mean it
and homemade chicken fried steak, it rocked so I advise you to pressure her to put all these recipes on her blog immediately.

Thanks for my new life nanny McJody. Although I still need you.