Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eliza quickly assumed Bryn's role as nativity director (although she said it wouldn't be the same without her) it was tougher to keep baby Jesus (who is ready to take off on the 3 wheel motorcycle below) and Joseph in line with the program...

 Joseph ran around in his underwear and was only curious about what was in the treasure chest, he looked really cool in his robes for about 12 seconds.
 the two below look like they had a little too much of the Martinellis apple cider

 Christmas eve jammies
 Plenty of tackle hugs and squeals

 Reid loves loves choo choo trains (he should swap names with Thomas)

 Liza made everyone a blanket this year and they were a big hit...another surprise hit were the cots that James got the girls for summertime camping-I thought the girls would just shrug their shoulders & smile but instead they were so excited to each have their own.

they received their Christmas wish & played in the evening snow with flashlights. My Christmas wish came true too...a very, very happy Christmas.

our motto this season, let it snow.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Over the river and through the woods to Idaho Falls we went!

James had been planning this visit to Big Jud's and really talking the place up to Jody & Dave (reeeeally talking it up) so we all hungarly caravaned to the middle of nowhere & upon arrival Jody is shaking her head thinking this can't be good...just look below, that's a pretty quiet neighborhood to find an eating joint

but once we stepped in we all got a lot happier

This guy below never doubted himself

My burger above was thee best choice on the table, it was too good. Western bacon cheeseburger, just look at those onion rings!
Just so you know, when he flares his nostrils that means 'don't mess with this'

James had been talking up this trip to 'Ricks College' for weeks telling the girls how excited they should be to see his Man of the Year plaque and he was looking forward to the girls feeling such pride in their Dad seeing his picture up there until we got to the hall and found that BYU Idaho had to change a few things...but we still had fun running through the halls :)

uhhh, i forgot which one was mine...i just remember it was red.

 Holidays are the best time to goof off at college, at least that's what we told them.
 Bryn enjoys impersonating her Dad any chance she gets (that's the real reason he reads his scriptures)
 Summer rocked this boy to sleep in the middle of all the chaos

 It was an awesome kitchen crew.
 they are meditating over what they are thankful for or...actually praying "I hope the food is good, I hope the food is good"

 Do you think Eliza caught that football?

 Raise your hand if you think you're handsome...ok you both win.
 i think this means that i'm Garrett's favorite
 Bryn can even make chores look easy breezy cover girl.
 he just told me that i'm his favorite!!!

Oh what fun and so yum, never had a moment of feeling glum!Although deep depression set in for our kids when they realized we were just visiting and had to come back to their home that was so quickly forgotten. We hurried to set up the tree and train with high hopes but it still took a couple days to recover as you can see in the above picture.