Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy daddy's day to the one they love

to the daddy who still gets requests from each girl nightly..."dad can you rock a bye me tonight?"   With each year that passes their conversations grow a bit more serious such as what happened on the bus to what they ate for lunch :) but it's always a safe place to cry if it didn't turn out to be such a great day. Dad wins for being the best listener in this house.
He is our planner for outdoor activities & after all the hassle he makes our time together worthwhile
Bringing six babies into this world is a big deal & during hectic moments we could both agree that 3 was enough, then 4 was enough, then 5 was enough but then he would say...'you & I both know that there is one more' so here we are at the final six!
they love their dad because he loves treats as much as they do
Here we are when we took a drive to Lake Tahoe last year as he was doing his best to convince his family that moving to Reno would have its benefits
This picture is from Summers dance recital from last year & her daddy remembered to get her a rose but this year I went to her recital with just the older girls & at the end she asked why I didn't have a flower for I guess I'll be sending James alone to the next one!

 Taking the time to teach his girls to ride a bike
 One day soon he will be teaching his boys how to be spiritually strong as well as trying to get these weights off the ground
Here is the poem that Summer wrote...
Father's are a special thing to have
a man that's very loving and caring dad.
I never want to leave you
even if you're dead.

Yes, fathers are a special thing to have and our little ones are blessed to have this one!
(we will do all we can to keep him alive)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tommy boy is not even 2 years old yet
 and he's already outgrown our dining room chairs