Friday, July 13, 2012

"Hey Zana my friends have planned a priest quorum reunion so let's throw our kids in the car for 12 hours just for the fun of it"

I agreed, so off to Moses Lake we went and had a great time spending the 4th of July with great family and then the weekend with great friends

 Tessa noticed Thomas fell asleep with gum in his mouth so she decided to take it out but then he closed it :) I love gummy messes.
 some spices from great grandpa's spice cabinet...anyone up for some old fashioned cooking?

 (Samantha should be on toothpaste commercials b/c she has the sparkliest smile)

 Priest Quorum Reunion...after 20 or so years
 I didn't get a picture of their other leader, Reid Baker who basically helped to name our last child

so long summertime fun in Moses!

so long.