Monday, August 22, 2011

A sweet visit all the way from St. Louis!

Surprise to our little friend Brynn...she thought she was visiting some long lost cousins until we opened the door (Lori wins mom of the year for planning her daughters 9th birthday)
 Lori's mom & brother were generous enough to drop them off to us

Can't wait to see what these girls are like as teenagers, oh's a glimpse

 after spending the evening at the lake we had to top off her birthday by having cake at Friday ever!
 Lori was up for a Sunday walk but to me it felt like a walk-a-thon. I am such a wimp compared to this montana raised chick
  • loved getting super tired from late night chatting
  • loved getting lost in my own town just to find a store to use my stupid groupon coupon (by the way I still love the wallet we got)
  • loved having you for the weekend

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally finishing up our trip to St George
just a little behind this summer
 in most pictures my dad has a hard time keeping a straight face but the girls love his goofiness

 Tammy gets credit for taking these next shots of Mom in action trying to maintain composure with a 2 year old

 some serious and not so serious moments with grandpa
 Reid is getting adored by Deb (aunt piggers)
 I received the cutest comment from Bryn telling me that there were no pictures of her in my last post so next summer we will not come while you are at girls camp! At least we had you for a few days
 we just trashed four of our favorite swimsuits of the summer, I was sad to see this Esther Williams look alike get tossed

 he's excited...
 and scared at the same time

 this boy loves his cousins, especially when Ashlin holds him...a lot

we drove by the Alien museum again without stopping because at the end of a trip the word TIRED always changes last minute plans. Maybe next year.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grants Homecoming!
July 12, 2011
waiting for his plane to land

 we started to cry as soon as he stepped off the airplane & his momma finally got to hug her baby boy

 cousins Garrett and Connor grew as tall as he was

 way too cute

 excuse blurry pics but Deb is always movin' fast
 Here are the two babies that were born while Grant was hanging out in Peru...I was in High School holding Grant as a baby and now he's holding mine, so crazy!
 the girls were so happy to have him all to themselves while swimming

 these next two pictures speak for themselves

 Grant has made us so proud, he didn't countdown the days until he was home because he loved the work he was doing & it showed with every letter he wrote through email. By the looks of this picture he's ready to dive into the next chapter of his life & we all believe he will be successful with school (& dating :)
It looks like he's flying but it did turn into a dive