Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eliza quickly assumed Bryn's role as nativity director (although she said it wouldn't be the same without her) it was tougher to keep baby Jesus (who is ready to take off on the 3 wheel motorcycle below) and Joseph in line with the program...

 Joseph ran around in his underwear and was only curious about what was in the treasure chest, he looked really cool in his robes for about 12 seconds.
 the two below look like they had a little too much of the Martinellis apple cider

 Christmas eve jammies
 Plenty of tackle hugs and squeals

 Reid loves loves choo choo trains (he should swap names with Thomas)

 Liza made everyone a blanket this year and they were a big hit...another surprise hit were the cots that James got the girls for summertime camping-I thought the girls would just shrug their shoulders & smile but instead they were so excited to each have their own.

they received their Christmas wish & played in the evening snow with flashlights. My Christmas wish came true too...a very, very happy Christmas.

our motto this season, let it snow.


something good said...

Yay! you had a white christmas!! Looks like you guys are just fine without us...boohooo we missed you!

devinandamie said...

so great! between the bowens, a white christmas and your amazing view out your window.... I would LOVE Reno!

devinandamie said...

for a minute i thought you wrote the cots were for "THEIR summertime camping." As in Zana has no part in this and I laughed! but realized that's not what it said.

Denice said...

Finally getting caught up on blogs and saw this... what a happy thing to live vicarious a Bowen Christmas morning! Happy Day! I love that Reid is looking so chubby in these pics... he is catching Ninna in thigh circumfrance.