Friday, October 26, 2012

The sublime nine's
Summer and Tessa turned 9 on October 23rd!

 Their primary teacher has a tradition of making a birthday cake for each of their students (they only have about 18 kids in the class) Quadruple layered and quite delicious!!!

 They said it was their best birthday ever, maybe b/c they both received their first pet ever...a Beta fish each. Three days later and they are still thanking us. Dinner at the Olive Garden was fabulous too b/c we didn't take the toddlers...sooo enjoyable! We love these girls so much and feel so lucky that they came to us at the same time. They truly bring sunshine to our souls and home, I've gotta go give 'em a squeeze.


something good said...

the girls are growing up too fast. You might wanna stop the process around 12 cause that's when you realize the sugar plum fairy life comes to an end...not to be a downer I just wish I had a few more for back up!

Denice said...

I think I need to take note about the birthday cake love... That gets the best primary teacher award. Every. Time.