Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amelia turned 6 & I barely caught a picture at the end of the day, she loved the whole day b/c her sisters doted on her non-stop & yes she still loves Hello Kitty (going on 4 years now, she's loyal to what she loves) Happy girl!

 The next day we went camping overnight, very big deal for me to go & maybe not the wisest choice I made b/c it ended up be a freezing cold night even though it was almost a 90 degree day. At least I did get 2 hours of sleep, that was awesome. Other than that it was a perfect spot with a site right by the creek. Kids looooved it and are ready to go back and they will...with just Dad.
 This picture is just beautiful...I rarely get both boys to sleep at the same time during the day!

 Early morning fishing...James grilled them all for Sunday dinner & everyone had to eat it if they wanted dessert, it worked.

Kids need dirt. Maybe even a piece of licorice after breakfast too.


Denice said...

These pics prove that you are for REALS!!! Awesome trip... looks like everything camping should be.

devinandamie said...

I love you. And your girls. Are you tired of me saying that? We like Hello kitty round these parts too.

Kelly said...

The boys asleep in the car. What would that be like?

Anonymous said...

how come nobody is talking about Reid sittin on the pot takin a dump! who cares what anybody else is doing bc that is the cutest and funniest picture ive seen in long time!