Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sum Sum Summertime in St. George

The boys love all the attention that Bryn and Ashlin will give them

Bryn and Uncle Dave make a pool raft just a touch more exciting...

We got to sneak out on Saturday & drove down to Vegas to visit my brother Joe & Suzy's newest little one!
 Grandma Wirth with sweet baby Hugh...look at his perfect sleeping face

 here are the proud owners of new baby brother...Kate, Truman, & Grey

Connor turned 16 while we were there and he was so chatty and excited about it he could hardly contain himself...can't you tell?
Dave took five of my kids for a hike up Lava Mountain, let's just say the video footage was hilarious with all the crying and gnashing of teeth...Bryn ended up carrying most of them down while Dave recorded the whining.

 Even though Bryn may have been hot and miserable she is able to fake it with a smile but not all of us have this gift...(I believe Eliza gave Olympic gymnast McKayla a pointer on how to look when disappointed)

 movies and Slurpee's...oh yah.

 This statue depicts 'Come Unto Me' but Reid came up with his own phrase...'GO to him!'
 just to top off our little outing I somehow locked the keys in the car so thanks to AAA we didn't have to completely melt into the concrete.
 James came for the last 2 days b/c he just hates to miss out on a road trip...crazy, I know.
 this is Ashlin's hamster named squeakers & you can literally french braid his hair

sum sum summertime


Unknown said...

Zana thanks for all the pics with your Summer trip to grandmas...I bet grandma had tons of fun (Oh I forgot I am the grandma) Did you love staying up late reading when we got the kids to bed and movies and lunch with your sisters? Thanks for coming.......

Unknown said...

Thanks for coming to visit...we loved every minute and it's boring without all of you here. love laddie

Tait said...

I laughed at the thought of the kids whining on their walk/hike....pushing them in a stroller wore them out too. Must get it from James.

tammyswilliams said...

i love the pic of liza and the gymnast..hilarious! it feels so ling ago that you were but it was only 2 weeks ago crazy well at least we cured James of wanting to do road trips to utah haha love love you