Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Trying to dream up something to make at the last minute gets us all in a dizzle & suddenly Thomas begins to look like a deliciously stuffed turkey.
The girls were cracking up b/c he pulled the roaster pan out himself & we found him sitting in it & their favorite scene in the 1st Nanny McPhee is when the kids pretend to eat the baby. Yes, all my posts lately have been with thomas but we feel an urgency to adore his every move before another little guy takes his #1 spot.


Tait said...

i want that recipe. I've tried cooking in the baby maker downstairs but no luck :-)

Zana said...

Yes, I may be the only one (and Jody) who gets that comment but it's still making me laugh...and it's a good deep belly laugh

Anonymous said...

Keep them coming of the boy i love it and so do my employees!
Off to HAWAII and will think of you, not that it will make you feel any better :) lots of love

something good said...

Aunty McJody needs to come for a visit so she can nibble on that thigh...ohhh so scrumptious