Friday, October 1, 2010


that doesn't help to take a picture of me when i am stuck in this car

amelia enjoying some solitary time fishing

no fish were biting

not even for this little guy

we longingly watched the fishing boat that we wished we were on (we'd just need one a tad bigger)

halloween dress up box is out & final decisions have not been made yet...

she introduced hello kitty to little bear on the small screen

oh i am such a big help around the house!


something good said...

What a ham! Thanks for the pics sis...that's just what I needed

luf ya!

Anonymous said...

i want to be there that wknd! looks like it was cold on the waterfront :) ok what a squeeze on the always afraid the dw will fall out if someone sits on it must be a dw from my distant past that did not stay in :)

Lori said...

so cute, this is the best baby stage...

something good said...

I'd like to order I big fat juicy baby boy picture with a side of his Hello Kitty sister...easy on the sassiness...I'm sauce!

Order UP!!!

something good said...

ok--now I get why I can't understand some of Tammy's comments..she writes them after work when she's dead tired..just like me!

I was sayin...I mean sauce!


Zana said...

you so funny!