Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally Four!

This girl is so loved...
not just because she makes us laugh, such as tonight at dinner..."mom can you fill my cup with water?" 'no miss amelia but you can.'
"well okay cowgirl - if you say so"
she was dying to open some early gifts so we opened one from aunt tammy that had Hello Kitty mango filled marshmallows (they were interestingly good) thank goodness she shops at Asian food markets to find such treasures :)

thomas wasn't sure what to do with this hug b/c he didn't even remember buying her that pink princess camera
Birthday breakfast mixed with 1st day of school is always fun...notice baby in the background doing his stayin' alive pose

they are pretty mellow here, just trying to take it easy I guess
the only reason my sisters will check this post is to see if I pulled off making the request of a princess kitty & white blankey (her fav blanket still)
so cheers to the kitty made of rice krispies & covered in butter cream frosting...I bought fondant but I decided I really wanted to eat the real stuff.

Then came lots of hugs and loves

What a Happy Day for our little
Amelia Faith Bowen  
we named her appropriately for the two years that required every prayer to include her to be healed of ITP and she hasn't had to have medicine since January!!!  We are happy to say that life is sweet for this little one. Life is sweet.

goodnight hello kitty.


Lori said...

So cute! I am not letting Chase see what other mom's do for their kids on their birthdays...he would be very jealous. That kitty is were hiding some serious rice crispy skills!

Anonymous said...

okay that was great! she must of been one happy gil. the kitty looks just the stuffef one she are amazing and i think they are hiring for Cake Boss! is fondant even good?? good choice with the frosting. :) Thomas already looks huge! lots of love

something good said...

I want to see the step by step footage of how you made that incredibly adorable cake!



The Wehrmeister's said...

Oh these pics just make me Bowen sick. (Kind of like home sick, minus the fact you aren't in YOUR home.)

Love the Amelia, love the first day of school. Just wish you were celebrating all of these things out here... where you belong.

carrie said...

Zana!!! That cake was amazing. you did such a great job. Happy birthday Amelia!

Tait said...

Thanks for a Saturday morning emotion fest. I awwhd, ohhhd, and sniffled. I could just imagine when she saw the kitty cake. Cute Cute Cute...