Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here's a story of a lovely sister who brought a daughter of her very serve her sister in a time of need. Tammy is very dedicated to 'new mom recovery' She wouldn't let me lift a finger all week, she would have even forbid me to take a shower but my hair got a little (okay, very) greasy & so she gave in.


Aunt Bam Bam carried her newest nephew in this front pack while she made a peach pie & her shoulders felt it for a whole week after :)

Then came my Momma & she insisted on scratching my back every night, what more can I say


Next came Laura & this picture reveals why our little Thomas must be held constantly...

can you blame him?


Laura also brought her youngest gift, Mia. The girls were entertained non-stop


Jody played it smart & waited...& waited some more until she knew I was ready to play (but really she just put me to work & made me paint & rearrange bedrooms) Oh by the way, please read the fine print...TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY & SHE WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW SHE'S 38!


Ashlin tried to convince her Mom to have another baby so Tammy said if you can hold Thomas all day, I will have another baby. She lasted 28 minutes & then got a dead arm. She tried.


Don't tell my kids...but now you see...why I love to bring babies into this world!


devinandamie said...

loved this. all your sisters are gorgeous. And your mama, which by the way, you look so much like her. I'm sure you didn't know that. oh i loved your new living room, did I tell you that?

Love it. You personally have converted me from black wood to white and bright Zana. I have said several times in the last while: "no I want my house to be bright and happy. Just like Zana's."

Anonymous said...

i hope that was the best present Jody could get! by the way I called her 3x and no answer..some sisters i tell you :) yous a very spoiled girl but we do it to you so you are not to blame :)

ps in case you didnt know thanksgiving is next week! where is the time going...

something good said...

Okay, you need to invite Amie over for lunch! That was the sweetest comment ever!

I love the story, and I love the pic editing! Thomas, had no idea what kind of smoothering he was getting into!