Thursday, June 4, 2009

Uplanned Staycation

So we had a little change of plans for our typical weekend b/c Friday morning James went down to the basement & found an indoor pond. We decided not to swim in it b/c soon realized our sewer pipe needed a little fixing (Just minor repair like cutting into our front driveway & digging a massively deep hole & threatening to take the life of my favorite tree in the front yard, I'd rather keep the tree than have toilets that flush)We stayed in a Hotel for two nights, ate junk food & sat around in princess jammies...they thought it was the kind of life they should always live (as if life is rough for them at home!)
Then Sunday our friends offered their basement for us to move into but first we had to catch the snake hiding under the back porch so that it wouldn't make it's way through the fireplace & try to snuggle into our beds. Then Amelia let one of the boys hamster run free & for 5 minutes she called out "chipmunk, where are you?" The hamster was found an hour or two later so all was well.

Finally Tuesday at 3pm our pipe was fixed and I never thought I would enjoy doing laundry so much! I thought I would also remember to appreciate being able to wash dishes again but...nah, not so much.


tammyswilliams said...

you are fun can i come over and play?? pleeeeease

Laura F said...

Oh Zana, we feel for you now, and I'm REALLY enjoying doing laundry these days, too! Congratulations on your adorable baby boy, I hope you don't mind my blogstalking you through Jen W.'s page. That's what you get when you leave comments. ;-) Just kidding. Your girls are so beautiful!

Laura Finlinson