Sunday, February 15, 2009


"I'm so cited Balentine Days is finally here!"this is my #1 food group...treats

Piggy even arrived for the special occasion but fell flat on his face when he realized how much sugar he would have to consume in one day

a healthy start to a happy day

well, not so happy for some...we had tummy troubles for Summer & Tessa. It was so sad b/c they were waking up each day asking how many more days 'til Valentines Day & then when it arrives they both don't feel like eating an ounce of sugar...(I'm still hoping to catch this bug)

this is all they did throughout the day

but Amelia was eating enough candy for everyone

from sweet little hands to a sloppy little mess

my mouth is full so I say no more


carrie said...

Your little Balentine's are so cute!

Lori said...

i'm coming to your house next year.

tammyswilliams said...

Nice to see a picture a picture of little James in there! Your Valentine breakfast proves that you learn well from your mudder!

something good said...

LOVE IT! Mila is my kind of girl!

Sorry to bother you, but we need to rework the terms of your blog posting deadlines! Way too much time in between!

Love, your blog stalking sista!

Christy Ivory said...

You are such a great mom!! I can't believe that cute table.. Your kids look adorable..
Thanks for the comment about my cute little niece. I have to agree with you..
Ryan would love to have James here this summer to fish with.. Hope you all are well. Wish you were here. I think you need to move to WA...Talk to you soon.

J.J. said...

Looks like a fun day, Your girls are sooo adorable!

Julie said...

Now you are making me want a doughnut!! Thanks a lot!!! You are lucky I don't live very close to the grocery store!!